Best wishes to Anna Pavlova

Russian Anna Pavlova suffered a serious knee injury at the DBT Cup.

Russian Anna Pavlova suffered a serious knee injury at the DBT Cup.

It was deeply saddening to read about the possibly career-ending knee injury Russian Anna Pavlova sustained at the DBT Cup several days ago. Although not as successful in international competition as a Svetlana Khorkina, she’s been the face of the Russian team since the diva retired in 2004, and was an exciting up-and-comer from 2000 to 2004.

From IG:

Pavlova, 21, reportedly suffered a torn right ACL dismounting balance beam at the DTB Cup on Nov. 15 in Stuttgart. Russian doctors operated on the knee Thursday.

Pavlova is still recovering as an inpatient at a Moscow hospital, she told news agency “All-Sport” on Tuesday.

“The exact diagnosis, I cannot say, but it seems to be serious enough,” said Pavlova, a competitor at the 2003, 2005 and 2006 World Championships. “I don’t even know when I can leave, as everything will depend on how my body heals. We don’t even talk about training again in the near future. Without a doubt, it won’t be in the next six months.”

What makes Pavs so great? Her clean, clean gymnastics. Always pointed toes. Always balletic elegance. The fact that she hung with the best at age 20 in Beijing, one more proof that success in gymnastics doesn’t end with maturity. The fact that she kept competing after earning (in my opinion) three Olympic medals she doesn’t have: in the all-around in 2004, and on beam in 2004 and 2008. She was as good in her second Olympics as she was in her first. You can rarely say that about a gymnast.

If she really has made her exodus, the sport is better off for her career.

Anna Pavlova, “Once Upon a December”:

5 Responses to “Best wishes to Anna Pavlova”

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  2. Marcus Says:

    I wouldn’t say she deserved a beam medal in 2004, she had quite a substantial wobble. Eremia deserved the bronze, IMO. I do think she was robbed of AA in 2004, the silver, I’d say, and bronze in 2008 on beam. She even got her whip triple around better this year than in previous years (except in TF, but I just like to forget that routine).

    I hope she can make it back, but if not, I just hope she stays involved in the sport for a long time.

  3. Manu Fernandez Says:

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  4. summer Says:

    ana is one of my favourites! of all time! she has missed out unfairly on so much she earned and has perserverd in the sport for a very long time. she is the type of gymnast i want to be, elegant and powerful! i will think of her and draw inspiration from her every time i do my floor routine which is the same music as her 2004 olympic routine, i chose it when i was unaware of this however! good luck and i hope she makes it to one more worlds atleast, what a long career she has had and you know if ana had not been restricted with silly age allowances i think she could of made the russian team in 2000 aswell!

  5. Daryl Says:

    i love pavlova. such a inspiration.

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