Nicole Harris: Back in the NCAA

Welcome back to ASU gymnastics, Nicole Harris. We’ll look forward to seeing more like this during the coming season.

Nicole Harris, 2008 ASU vs. Arizona, Floor Exercise:

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5 Responses to “Nicole Harris: Back in the NCAA”

  1. TCO Says:

    It’s sad, watching how bad these girls get as they mature. exact opposite of boys.

  2. Katrina Says:

    TCO, seriously, do you have nothing better to do then put down everybody but yourself?

  3. Nik Says:

    I think she looks great. Happy even which she NEVER looked when doing elite.
    Congrats to her!!

  4. jen Says:

    it is sad though, they get worse and worse. I’m glad they’re having fun but the declining level of gymnastics is strikingly apparent

  5. lars Says:

    It’s not sad, it’s life. Girls grow up and mature. Life is not sad, is it?

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