Chloe Sims, Katelyn Mohr sign with Utah

In May, shortly after quitting the Australian team and disclosing that she had battled an eating disorder, Chloe Sims posted a poem she wrote on her website:

And so…

Now I come to this part,
Know that you are in my heart.
At times I was very rough,
To train, mould and create was pretty tough.

To all the girls who will come and go,
Remember that you decide where you go.
You were picked because of your style
So live it up and don’t forget to smile.

The ones who taught me so much,
Never forget that my heart is what you touched.
Your experience and guidance was none but the best,
This you passed to me and for all I am truly blessed.

I wish my heart would play in tune
I wish I could have held on until after June.
Many mistakes I know I made,
The big and the small but still you stayed.

You are so genuine and always true
You’ve taught me so much, and for this I want to thank you.
So tough it was to say goodbye
But I go to reach new places, so high

Unfortunately this is not the last of me
For I will pop in unexpectedly, you’ll see
And now I come to this part,
Please know that you are all in my heart.

I Thank you.

It wasn’t the last of her. The University of Utah annonced today that Sims, Katelyn Mohr and Meg Whitney have signed with them for next season. See here, with links to all the girls’ routines.

All together, an exciting class for the Utes!

Chloe Sims, 2007 World Championships Team Prelims, Vault:

The moments of Katelyn Mohr:

Meg Whitney’s day at the 2007 Level 10 Regional:

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  1. Utah signs Aussie gymnast Chloe Sims | Gymnastics Coaching Says:

    […] Chloe Sims was a superstar who unexpectedly quit on the 2008 Olympic team. Struggled with an eating disorder. And turns out to be a bit of a poet. […]

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