Jon Valdez arrested for drunk driving in September

The Associated Press reported this morning that a drunk driving arrest was a factor in University of Illinois associate head coach Jon Valdez’s resignation.

Prosecutors in Waukesha County, Wisconsin, says assistant men’s coach Jon Valdez pleaded not guilty after his arrest Sept. 18.

Attorney Lance Northcutt says Valdez resigned for personal issues, including the arrest.

Northcutt also says Valdez is cooperating with a university investigation of a hidden camera found in a locker room last month. University officials haven’t said Valdez is linked to that investigation.

Waukesha, interestingly, is the hometown of Paul and Morgan Hamm.

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3 Responses to “Jon Valdez arrested for drunk driving in September”

  1. MKenndy Says:

    I have read many of the comments/slanderous allegations posted about Jon Valdez and wonder if anyone ever considered investigating the person alleging this information? Everyday someone makes a poor decision and gets behind the wheel with an elevated blood alcohol. This is a fact of life and requires attention.

    Interestingly enough the information related to the salacious video camera accusation is being reported as though it was a secretly installed “peep” camera when it was actually a hand held video camera issued by the University and used by the entire team to record routines. In addition, it wasn’t displayed in the locker room. The hand held video camera was stored in a locker within the locker room for safe keeping. Go figure, I thought this was America and you were innocent until proven guilty!

  2. Zlhksigf Says:

    k4eh3F comment2 ,

  3. Grace Says:

    Really enjoyed reading this thank you!

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