Vietnamese gymnast suspended, retired

Click here to read reports that Do Thi Ngan Thuong, who won the wildcard berth to Beijing, has been suspended from international competition for two years for testing positive for a banned substance at the Olympic Games.

Not for a performance-enhancing banned substance, mind you. Just a banned substance.

Nguyen Kim Lan, Chief of the Gymnastics Division under the General Department of Sports and Physical Training, said according to the International Gymnastics Confederation, the diuretic that Ngan Thuong took is not considered a performance-enhancing drug in gymnastics but it is on the list of banned substances in sports in general.

This sounds like Andreea Raducan all over again, only with a less high-profile athlete.

(I tried looking for some videos of Thuong on Youtube and came up dry. The search, however, yielded this very respectable floor routine to The Mask of Zorro, but whether or not it’s Thuong I don’t know.)

Update: Thuong has announced her retirement.

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4 Responses to “Vietnamese gymnast suspended, retired”

  1. Katrina Says:

    You might try

  2. apolytongp Says:

    It’s a masking agent.

  3. upgymnastics Says:

    This is Thuong at the 2007 SouthEast Asian Games in Nakhon Ratchasima, Thailand, inside the 333rd Aninversary Stadium.

    She was the Floor Exercise Champion of the 2007 SEA Games.

  4. Do Thi Ngan Thuong resumes training « The Gymblog Says:

    […] Do Thi Ngan Thuong, the Vietnamese gymnast who was awarded the Olympic wildcard berth and then tested positive for a banned substance shortly after competiting in Beijing, has resumed training, according to VietnamNet, an English […]

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