More regulation needed in gymnastics?

In the wake of Canadian 14-year-old Taylor Lindsey-Noel’s paralysis in a training accident in July, her mother is calling for more regulation in gymnastics.

“I’d like to see amateur sport become more regulated,” Rowena Lindsay said. “(Gymnastic) gyms should be mandated to have foam pits. There also needs to be a tracking system in place to record the number of these types of accidents.”

Taylor, a gymnast for 10 years who trained with Olympian Elyse Hopfner-Hibbs at the Don Mills Road and Finch Avenue facility, was attempting a new dismount for the second time when disaster struck, Lindsay said, adding she was advised by lawyers not to disclose the nature of the dismount.

Thoughts? Anyone at all?


9 Responses to “More regulation needed in gymnastics?”

  1. Rick McCharles Says:

    Sounds like that gym did not have a pit.

    The skill is rumoured to be toe-on double front … CRAZY without a pit.

    Yet the coaches are super experienced.

    I dunno.

  2. Elizabeth Says:

    Tragic. Puts my own tiny problems in perspective. I will be praying for the family.

  3. TCO Says:

    Peter Kormann had an athlete break his neck (non paralyzed) at Navy in the 80s, when there was no pit. Was learning a triple back off HB. Had done it a bunch in the belt. First time doing it outside the belt, he balked in the middle of the trick and landed on his head.

  4. Tracy Says:

    Rick, how could Seneca NOT have a pit. It a gymnastics teaching school for heaven’s sake. I’m pretty sure they have to have a pit!

  5. Yvonne Mackay Says:

    they may not have had the correct kind of pit….a rezzie pit instead of a foam pit.

  6. The Couch Gymnast Says:

    What a horrible thing to happen. I feel so awful for her and her family, and especially her coach who will have to live with it, wether they were in the right or wrong, for ever.
    And Yes, all amateur training should absolutely be regulated for things like foam pits. I know it will make gymnastics a more expensive sport, bit it is too risky a sport not to have these things in place.

  7. Valentin Says:


    I have to agree with the general consensus on this that, whatever this new dismount was, she should not have been throwing it around, even if its by herself for the second time or whatever. On dismounts a coach should always!!!! be there ready for an emergency spot.

    I personally would never teach anyone anything that goes into double without a pit. I don’t care that i can spot them, or that they can do it over and over again on their own. The only times to really work independent dismounting is leading into a competition, and into a pit. When done to land, a coach MUST be there.

    I don’t understand it. I pray! that something like this never happens to me as a coach, its is my biggest! fear. How do you continue as a coach after something like that.

    my thoughts are with the family and the gymnast. I hope she gets a second chance.

    Valentin Uzunov

  8. FACT Says:

    Sport Seneca has a pit and specifically a bar pit.
    It was a toe on double front.
    I believe it was done on a mat in the pit from what I heard but can’t confirm as fact or not.

  9. Trish Says:

    So wrong .. Sports Seneca did NOT have a foam pit. It was damaged by a flood two (2) years prior and was replaced with a resi-pit.

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