Women’s All-Around predictions

Could this be the woman at the top of the podium after tonights all-around final?

Could this be the woman at the top of the podium after tonight's all-around final?

Generally the feeling is that the United States will be on the podium — but in what position(s), it’s very hard to say. This blog’s official prediction is that Nastia Liukin comes back with a vengeance to take the title. Jiang Yuyuan takes second with a clean performance, and Shawn Johnson gets the bronze after a small mistake…somewhere.

The problem with saying this right out is that Nastia is, although always near the top, a gymnast that tends to make small errors (steps on landings, lots of going out of bounds on floor.)

Nevertheless, she looked on fire, determined and capable through the first two nights. Johnson, though she smiled and performed well, somehow (again, my opinion only) doesn’t look as unbeatable as she did in 2007. Could she have peaked before the selection camp?

Those who could surprise: Ksenia Semyonova, who qualified in fourth place, Anna Pavlova, and Yang Yilin, China’s other gymnast in this event. Any could climb onto the platform.

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