Karolyi blame game

Alicia Sacramone is consoled by U.S. National Team Coordinator Martha Karolyi after a disappointing performance during the women's team final in Beijing Tuesday night.

Alicia Sacramone is consoled by U.S. National Team Coordinator Martha Karolyi after a disappointing performance during the women's team final in Beijing Tuesday night.

Again, we reiterate: Even if Alicia Sacramone had been perfect on balance beam and floor exercise in team finals, even if Chellsie Memmel could have the 0.2 back for her jam through to her dismount on bars, even if all the out of boundses hadn’t happened on floor, China still would have defeated the U.S. by slightly more than half a point.

There is the school of thought that says that if Sacramone hadn’t fallen on beam and the U.S. had trailed China by tenths, not points, going into the fourth rotation, the Chinese might have crumbled under the pressure, as many expected before the competition.

That’s a big maybe. So it seems a bit unfair of National Team Coordinator Martha Karolyi to blame Sacramone’s problems on Chinese officials after the understandably disappointing competition.

BEIJING (AFP) – USA Gymnastics played down suggestions from a team official Wednesday that stadium staff here distracted one of their athletes so much she went on to make mistakes that destroyed their hopes of an Olympic gold medal.

As the gymnast at the centre of the controversy, Alicia Sacramone, admitted nerves got the better of her in the women’s team final against China, USA Gymnastics distanced itself the from remarks made by Martha Karolyi, the team co-ordinator.

Karolyi said immediately after the US loss to China that officials at Beijing’s National Indoor Stadium disrupted Sacramone’s beam routine by delaying her performance for an extended period, breaking her concentration.

“First they called her name up, then they did not even put her name up even though the Chinese had finished … (it was) totally unusual holding,” she said.”She was mentally prepared and then she had a mental break, then after not doing the job, the beam, on the floor exercise her concentration was bothered.”

Long waits happen so often they seem somewhat customary. Sacramone shouldn’t blame herself for the team “loss.” Martha Karolyi shouldn’t either.

Bela Karolyi took a different tack, accusing the Chinese of cheating by putting underage athletes on their team.

Some people may be getting a little sick of this power couple and their excuses, their politics, regardless of the good they’ve done the country. Do they remind you of anyone else?

Bill and Hillary Clinton.

Bill and Hillary Clinton.

(via Gymnastics Coaching)

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14 Responses to “Karolyi blame game”

  1. shergymrag Says:

    No, they don’t remind me of Bill and Hillary. I think that was a totally uncalled for Dig.

  2. Skyler Says:

    this is the best post you have ever written. i agree 1000000% with you.

    they just make the americans appear as sore losers.


    i feel so sad for the girls!

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  4. bettycoltrane Says:

    Christ I love this blog. I actually never thought anybody could be such a disgraceful scumbag as Bela Karolyi but I guess it’s not so surprising that Martha is not much better. Both are abominations to the spirit of sport…. and they have less than 1% of the Clintons’ intelligence in their possession, so everything they say comes off worse.

  5. kristoff Says:

    i really feel bad about the girls because they look like they are upset because of a silver where actually shawn and nastia were really happy of the outcome and said that the chinese just performed better than them that day. atleast the girls doesnt blame anyone and here is the karolyi tandem making statements that really make the girls like sore lossers even if their not.

  6. Nik Says:

    Good work and I totally agre. there are so many what ifs you can use for the USA team, but you do the same for the Chinese… if Alicia didn’t fall twice, if Chellsie got her bonus, if there were no injureis…. if Cheng didn’t fall, if China’s 3rd vault was the Amanar it was meant to be… if everyone was perfect… blah blah blah. The point of the Olympics (and any other competition) is who does what on the day, otherwise they would just hand out the medal by youtube vids and we could all be judges!! China deserved it, they were cleaner, had higher difficulty and seemed to have a better attitude, it was their’s to lose all along and they didn’t lose, for once they lived up to their potential.

    Annnnnd I KNOW you go there to win a gold, but damn a silver is still great- Im sure Russia would gladly trade places considering we all thought they’d be on the podium according to prelims!

  7. Elizabeth Says:

    The Clinton’s ROCK!!!!!!

  8. Mary Lou Says:

    An accusation with enough whining can start to take on a life of its own. Now the process continues as we selectively look for evidence to support the accusation, rather than letting the evidence guide our judgment. This moaning and crying makes us look like sore losers.

    Let’s see if this baseless accusation can start a life of its own: Are the bulkier American women doping? Are the hormones in American dairy products giving U.S. athletes an unfair advantage?

  9. Shana Says:

    Um, I agree with shergymrag–lame, unnecessary dig on the Clintons…

    As far as the whining from the Karolyis goes, well, it’s a shame. They’ve coached a lot of champions, and regardless of any negatives, Martha certainly turned around the team situation in the USA.

    Then again, I’d honestly rather have this than Alicia Sacramone being blamed and berated for her mistakes. If this is an excuse that “works” to get her to stop blaming herself, then honestly? Go for it.

  10. Colleen Says:

    I agree Shana, I don’t think that what Marta did is actually a bad thing. She wasn’t going to make Alicia feel even worse than she already does by telling all the media that it’s all Alicia’s fault that they got silver instead of gold.

  11. Skyler Says:

    Martha is obviously making things worse not only for Alicia, but for the Americans as a whole. A lot of foreign press (and including some US press itself, check out Yahoo! Sport’s article entitled: Karolyis’ sour grapes makes bad whine) have given this couple very bad comments about all their meaningless bashings of the chinese girls. it’s so sad.

    oh well…

  12. shergymrag Says:

    “Let’s see if this baseless accusation can start a life of its own: Are the bulkier American women doping? Are the hormones in American dairy products giving U.S. athletes an unfair advantage?”

    Do you have official dope management lists with their names on them? Do you have interviews of the gymnasts where they admit to doping? Do you have witnesses that saw them doping and talked about it extensively on message boards? Do you have quotes from speeches given by official persons that praise them for their doping. If you had all that, would you insist they weren’t doping?

  13. Jodi Says:

    Are you kidding? I’m enjoying your blog, but Bill and Hillary are heroes. They’ve done great things for this country. You are really off the mark with this one!

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