Yang Yun to be investigated?

International Gymnastics Federation (FIG) President Bruno Grandi told USA Today that he may initiate an investigation into whether Yang Yun was really 14 at the Sydney Olympics.

Yang won the bronze medal on uneven bars after a brilliant routine in event finals and was a contender for the all-around title as well before falling on balance beam in Sydney. Her pretty layout Cuervo vault, one of the best ever done, clinched China’s team bronze medal in 2000.

Yang Yun, 2000 Olympic Games Team Finals, Vault:

Yang gave an interview on Chinese television saying she was only 14 in Sydney, The New York Times reported in late July.

Grandi apparently doesn’t watch Chinese TV.

Nevertheless, after the news conference, Grandi said he wants to look into the dispute over Yang’s age. “I want to evaluate,” he said. “I want to speak with my executive committee.”

Oh yeah: Grandi suggests solving the age of athletes snafu (brought about by documents available on the internet indicating that He Kexin, Yang Yilin and Jiang Yuyuan may be younger than the 16 the government says they are) by issuing licenses to gymnasts earlier in their careers.

Which may not be a bad idea. But what’s to prevent a country from fudging its athletes’ ages beginning at age 10 or so instead of age 15?

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35 Responses to “Yang Yun to be investigated?”

  1. LAL Says:

    come on get a life it’s time to get over this thing already!!

  2. louise Says:

    I am still so suprised that everyone is worked up about the ages of Kexin, Yuyuan and Yilin….and nobody brings up DENG! That kid can’t be more than 12, if even. DId you see the coach pick her up like a baby after her bars set?

  3. Angela Says:

    I think it’d better if they required countries to register athletes as soon as they are added to the national team, regardless of whether they’re being sent out to a competition or not, in hopes that if a country is only registering birth dates that would be eligible for the OG’s they’d be investigated. Like you said it can be faked regardless but they’ll never drop the age limit.

  4. TCO Says:

    rip her tits. (metaphorically.)

  5. MCO Says:

    Not being racist here, but Orientals generally look alot younger than their actual ages and on average shorter, more flat chested than your average caucasion girl. Just have to look at some of the J-Pop stars in Japan, they’re 18 but they look like they’re 14. Also, the other East Asian country gymnasts (Korea, China and Japan) also look like they’re under 16.

  6. g Says:

    MCO you are right. I am Chinese and we tend to look younger than our age compared to other ethnic groups. However, even taking that into account, some of the Chinese gymnasts still don’t even look anywhere close to 16 years old.

  7. The China Syndrome, Part 1 « I DON’T LIKE THIS Says:

    […] Yang Yun won team and individual Bronze medals.  Only several years after the fact did Yang admit that she was actually only 14at the time of the competition.  Now, it seems, the IOC is overlooking a similar transgression.  […]

  8. Lisa Says:

    It’s one thing to look 12, it’s another thing for reports and meet records to say you’re 12-13. This has nothing to do with how they look, we know Asian woman look young, (even though these girls look like they need diapers), it’s about the fact that there is proof and records of these girls being younger then what their official documents are saying and the idea that the host nation of the Olympics forged them to get a competitive edge

  9. Chinese Olympian Medalist at age 2 Says:

    I love it how chinese commentators here are all OMG GET OVER IT!! SO WHAT IF WE LIE? Fact: you can’t win fair and square. Even with cheating you still didn’t get gold in the AA gymnastics. Karma, perhaps? Yang Tun should have her medal stripped. It’s bullshit. It really is.. the other gymnasts (regardless of nationality) worked hard and by the rules and get shit over because China wants to prove it’s superiority to the world even though the world couldn’t give two shits about that place if it imploded.

  10. Jason Says:

    Yang Yun has admitted to being 14 when competing. Why would anyone make that up? Regardless of how old they “look,” there are reasons for having a minimum age to compete. Cheating is cheating, no matter how you look at it. I’m not saying it’s life or death, but rules are implemented for a reason, and I find it highly hypocritical for the IOC to pick and choose which rules they want to enforce/investigate. There is clear indication that China has a track record of fudging ages for competitors, and the NY Times brought up factual, documented information regarding this Olympic’s competitors – we’re not talking about the National Enquirer, we’re talking about the NY Times.

  11. LOLATUS Says:

    If those girls were 12-14, they’d look like 8-10 years old to other ethnic. I feel sorry for the people who are always trying to discredit China. If China makes a mistake, the world will say China’s a cheater.

  12. Lilith11 Says:

    Exactly like LOLATUS said; if the gymnasts were 12-13. they would look what, like elementary school kids! Yet nobody remembers that little fact! Jeez, what the freak is up with people always trying to discredit China? I mean, if America had gotten gold in the team, then NO ONE would give a crap if the gymnasts were underage or not. America, just admit you’re a freakin’ sour loser.

  13. silvia Says:

    I agree that some ethnicities tend to look younger than their actual age, however, the various records of different ages from their own country casts a lot of doubt. Sure, you can have mistakenly reported one difference in age, but to have that many different records and not just with one gymnast, but three…that looks very suspicious. Yang Yun admitted to being 14 at the 2000 Olympics. They probably should strip her of her medal or somehow penalize the Chinese gymnastics federation. Andrea Raducan was stripped of her gold medal due to cold medicine, because the IOC’s zero tolerance for doping. But, Yang Yun’s false age is overlooked, unbelievable. This issue for me isn’t about the US losing the gold, it’s about a fair playing field. Cheating is cheating, whether the competition was in 2000 or 2008. All the athletes’ placements are affected, not just the US. Shouldn’t all gymnasts have to follow the same rules? Why don’t they have bone scans done to confirm the ages of these athletes? That would confirm their ages. If China has nothing to hide then this shouldn’t be a problem.

  14. Aria Says:

    Now one thing we need to remember is that it is the Chinese government’s choice, not the athlete’s, how they register. I’m not saying China cheated- I’m not saying they didn’t. But regardless of that fact, what is the point of savagely ripping on the little girls who kicked our American butts all over the team competition? They work a lot harder to excel in what they do than most people can claim, and they shouldn’t have to put up with all this controversy because of what the government does. The IOC isn’t doing anything about it, so there’s no point in trying to change things. What’s done is done, and the media should let those gymnasts enjoy what they’ve earned without having this as part of the memory of their Olympic experience.

  15. young... Says:

    She isn’t 12… definitely.. she looks a whole heap older than the bunch of 12 year olds I know… one of my sibling is 12, and she looks like a 8 or 9 year old to every non asian… she is going to high school yet everyone thinks she is like in year 3 or 4 in primary school… which isn’t scary…

    my 19 (20 year told this year) friend is repeatedly mistaken as a 13 or 14 year old… I am sure she is sick of explaining to police and other securities when they keep asking her why is she out of school, and have to constantly give more than 1 ID… (drivers licence… university id) to tell them she is NOT lying… funny….

    We chinese are shorter (usually), more flat chested (it is just depressing lol!), and tend to look younger due to our features, which can be annoying at times, like gymnastic events…

  16. Winner Says:

    Lilith11 is right. Only because the US didn’t win or else no one would give a shit. I know the Americans are jealous of how successful China is especially when the opening ceremony in Beijing was THE GREATEST LIVE SHOW EVER.

    The thing is, even Shannon Miller, the American Olympic Gold medalist said on NBC a few days ago that there shouldn’t be any age limit in the competition at all. She said in the interview that winners should be given what they deserve and also noted that all Olympic teams did know about the tiebreak system. Why are the Americans still complaining about that tiebreak?

    However, I have to say that Yang was simply stupid admitting that she was only 14 back in 2000. Nothing would have happened if she kept her mouth shut. That’s just dumb.

  17. Mike Jones Says:

    They “work a lot harder” and “kicked our American butts”? Obviously not a comment by a gymnast who has a clue what she is talking about. Why did our women win gold medals by beating the Chinese girls if they work harder? Their team barely beat our team in the finals and only because our girl fell OFF the beam! If the 3 cheaters (and yes the girls KNOW their own ages so they are also cheaters) were honest then they would give up their medals their “earned” through cheating. End of story.

  18. Nyteblade Says:

    hey Lilith11, you say america is a sore loser? gee.. i could have sworn we had a lead of at least 15 medals at the time of this post.

    what about fair play? if they are cheating, they should be punished.
    yea younger girls will often score better in gymnastics. thats just the way it is. but that doesnt mean they should be using ringers like this.

    personaly i hope they do get punished and their medals are taken away from them. and i also hope that china never gets to host the olympics again. hell even my girlfriend agrees to that part, and she was born in china

  19. Top Posts « WordPress.com Says:

    […] Yang Yun to be investigated? International Gymnastics Federation (FIG) President Bruno Grandi told USA Today that he may initiate an investigation […] […]

  20. Michael Chuang Says:

    I played the video twice … where in the hell does the video mention Yun Yang was 14 ? Mostly the voice says she is a strong player in the Chinese women team with a particular strength on vault, and she is mature player.

  21. FreeandProud Says:

    The USA is not (as Lilith11) put it sour loser. We just want it fair, rules are rules!! I hate it for all the gymnast. The Chinese girls are just doing as they are told. Who wouldn’t do it to get your family a house to live better! They are pulled from there families at very young ages, this is truely sad. At least our girls get to have a family!!!! The government rules everything there, even having only 1 child per family. This should be looked into, and if found to be true then they should have to give the medals back. Just remember it is a Communist Country and the Chinese do as told, so get mad at their govenment not the girls. If they get to keep them then just let it go…. At least we are Free and can live the way we believe!!! Oh yea, trust their Government…..Really? NOT!!!!! By the way all the teams of all the Countries work really hard not just China.

  22. An Cha Says:

    I’m Asian and when I was 29 years old, I used to be mistaken for being only 18 or 19 years old! Hello! But even for myself (as a young-looking Asian also), I HIGHLY believe (99.9999999999 % to infinity) that at least 4 of those Chinese gymnasts are under 16 years old. The littlest one (Deng?) looks like she’s only 12! All I have to ask is: When the heck is anyone gonna go over to Yang Yun’s house and get an interview with her to repeat (with an English interpreter) that she really was only 14 years old in the Sydney games. And to explain all that went through in her own situation to falsify her Identification Documents by the Chinese Government. Since the parents of the women’s gymnasts want to deny their OWN childrens’ real ages, it doesn’t look like we have another option, but to hear from an admitted underage female gymast…..but will she admit it again, realizing that now she may lose her medals?

  23. Joe Says:

    I am amazed nothing as far as catching them has happened yet. I have only heard two things in defense: one the Chinese government issued the passports so they have to be legitimate, and two Oriental girls are more often smaller and younger looking. I imagine the Chinese government falsified something in Yang Yun’s case, so more than likely is falsifying this year. Also, this is what a 4’6″ 16 year old Chinese girl looks like: http://www.nbcolympics.com/athletes/athlete=1206/bio/index.html.
    You be the judge if she here is also 16:

  24. Chicagoan Says:

    Winner says “However, I have to say that Yang was simply stupid admitting that she was only 14 back in 2000. Nothing would have happened if she kept her mouth shut. That’s just dumb.” Maybe you can give the Chinese some additional tips on how to be better liars? Seems like you have it all down. Rather than be appalled that they were cheating…you seem to be more worked up that they coped to it.

  25. Voice of Reason Says:

    How do you know the Chinese gymnasts are under 16 years of age? The most compelling evidence was revealed by someone using the moniker Stryde Hax. Stryde Hax describes his search for the truth about the age of He Kexin. Stryde Hax located Chinese government records online that indicate He Kexin is 14 years old and several others have confirmed the existence of the online records. It appears the Chinese government is involved in the rule breaking.

    Is there really an age limit for gymnasts at the Olympics? Yes, there is. Several years ago gymnasts who were younger than 16 years of age were allowed to compete in the Olympics. In 1997 the age limit was raised to 16 years of age in the year competing. The age limit is not for other Olympic sports, just gymnastics. This age limit is determined by the FIG (International Gymnastics Federation).

    Does it matter if Chinese gymnasts are underage? Yes, it does. There are many other world class gymnasts in other countries. The purpose of rules is to keep the games fair. It is said that underaged gymnasts have several advantages.

    Why not change the rules to allow younger gymnasts to compete? The question is irrelevant to the rule breaking. The rules were not honored. There should be consequences. The rules can be changed for future competitions if they are unfair to younger athletes. However, in any case the rules should be followed by all participants to keep the games fair.

    What does this say about the Chinese government? It certainly says something about the Chinese government’s sense of honor and sportsmanship. It also calls into question whether other medals have been won unfairly. More importantly, it is an example of the Chinese government’s policy of misinformation and censorship.

    Why is censorship and misinformation of an age important? The misinformation and censorship regarding the ages of the Chinese gymnasts are important because the act is consistent with other examples of Chinese government misinformation, censorship, and violations of human rights. Some prominent examples include: Tiananmen Square massacre, Falun Gong, Tibet, and Internet filtering. More generally these examples are about freedom of speech and freedom of religion. The Chinese government does not permit the very basic freedoms we take for granted. Thousands of people have disappeared, been jailed, or killed for exercising such basic freedoms when in disagreement with the Chinese government.

    Will the Chinese gymnastics medals be revoked? It is unlikely the gymnastics medals will be revoked. This is largely for political reasons. Although the online documents are real, the Chinese government will dispute their accuracy and perhaps even their existence. Not only is it nearly politically impossible for the FIG to imply that the Chinese government is lying, but considering the way the Chinese government has violently dealt with dissidents in the past, those who run the FIG could be fearful of retaliation. Without an official Chinese government document indicating the gymnasts are underaged, it is unlikely any Olympic medals will be revoked. Considering the Chinese government is involved in the age falsification, it is likely such documents have been destroyed.

    What can we do? If you have proof of age falsification, send it to the FIG. Otherwise, learn the evidence of the Chinese government’s human rights violations and be prepared to see through Chinese government’s misinformation.

  26. Alex Says:

    Well, that is what you get when you live in a communist authoritarian state.

    Mostly I feel sad for the people in China that actually want to be free rather then live within the current “fake freedom”.

    Lets hope that the current taste of “fake freedom” will be enough for a few couragous Chinese to seek true freedom.

    My take away from the 2008 Olympics is how “staged” and how “fake” the whole thing was. Even the “fans” where fake, people taught how to cheer so as to make the event look like a Western sporting event.

    The entire thing was sad. Better then the old China I guess but still sad.

  27. John Smith Says:

    “How do you know the Chinese gymnasts are under 16 years of age? The most compelling evidence was revealed by someone using the moniker Stryde Hax. Stryde Hax describes his search for the truth about the age of He Kexin. Stryde Hax located Chinese government records online that indicate He Kexin is 14 years old and several others have confirmed the existence of the online records. It appears the Chinese government is involved in the rule breaking. ”

    Who has actually seen Stryder Hax’s blog site? First off the guy freaking calls himself “Stryder Hax” that should be some indication of what kind of low life human being he is.

    Second though he calls himself a “hacker”, he is clearly not a hacker, as none of his skills are even hacking. It’s simple internet digging at best and not even that good. Real hackers don’t even call themselves hackers, only wannabes do such silly things. He is not a “computer expert” as news sources have claimed. He’s just some low level out of work loser that occasionally works for an obscure security firm. He claims he’s a “consultant.” What kind of consultant only consults for 1 firm? That basically means he’s not good enough to even hold a full time job at said
    small security firm.

    Third, people need to really investigate the “screenshots” he posted up before anything else. Lets take this example. If someone posted up screen shots of government records of Obama buying hookers from some random internet loser called Stryder Hax, the first thing we’d do is actually look at those supposed documents, before demanding government action.

    Now , he claims that they are google cached excel spread sheets. But the data is presented as neat rows without column and row markers. Now anyone that knows anything about google cached spread sheets knows that it’s highly unlikely for his data to be displayed this way.

    GO TAKE ANY GOOGLE CACHED EXCEL SPREADSHEET. You’ll see that the column and row markers are visible.

    Here is an example.

    So we have an interesting situation. We have addresses of what he CLAIMS are cached spread sheets. We have visual confirmation of said addresses, but we are clearly at a format discrepancy.

    And who is really surprised? Think of all the desperate attention seekers out of the internet. Think of someone that would actually take the time to look for this kind of stuff. Don’t you think he’d “Find” it no matter what? If you made it your mission in life to find evidence of cheating, and everyone was on your side, what are the chances you are going to spend hours and hours and come out empty handed? And how convenient that it was so quickly taken down before anyone, ANYONE managed to get a screen shot of what happened before him? I mean this is before it was reported on the news, because they would have certainly taken a screenshot of the page themselves. Unless the Chinese love surfing his obscure blog, I am shocked that NOT A SINGLE SOUL managed to get a screen shot before the government supposedly took it down. That would mean that the Chinese government would have been the first ones to see his page. Also this was stored on Google and Baidu cache alongside billions of other pieces of obscure information, so it’s not like the Chinese government could track who was looking at the original page.

    How convenient when all proof disappears except your own, and you can attribute it to censorship?

    It is really all too easy. If I wanted to, I could photoshop all his proof in about 10 seconds, except to have it say that the Chinese president and Rogges had a wild party with Misty May.

    There is a reason why the FIG and IOC all simply dismissed “Stryder Hax’s Proof” because it’s laughably stupid to think that it is anything like proof. It is so obviously the cries for attention from just another internet blogger. He read the NY times article saying that there was some sites with possibly underaged dates and thought, perfect that’s what people want to see!

    I am sick and tired of all the crazy rumors that people with no life invent from time to time. The recent Palin’s downs syndrome baby is actually her daughters is just ridiculous. First off Trismony 21 is so ridiculously rare amongst 17 year old mothers that it would exceeding uncommon for such an occurance. By comparision the chance for trismony 21 amongst women over 35 increase exponentially. The baby is definitely the older Palin’s, especially since the date of the photo of the baby bump was incorrect and her daughter would have had to be pregnant for 18 months for it to be possible.

    Internet blog sites =/= proof. They never equal proof. They always equal attention seeking BS.

    The fact that so many people were so eager to believe this sack of dung from Stryder Hax is ridiculous.

  28. Me Says:

    she said she was fourteen, she looks like, ten times older than the girls this time, though. XD
    but just random.
    I think that it’s adorable that she’s engaged to yang wei.
    XD it’s sad that there won’t be like, a last name change though. XD

  29. LOL Says:

    Sweet irony: After a rabid, manic, very long, ad hominem rant, John Smith writes, “Think of all the desperate attention seekers out of the internet.” ROFL!

  30. bill Says:

    Here’s the video of Yang Yun admitting to being 14 at 2000 olympics:

    This video along with the other evidence of the 2008 chinese gymnast is downright embarrassing and a huge loss of face for China(both mianzi and lian). I have lots of empathy for the young chinese gymnast, but rules were broken…

  31. luke Says:

    Give me break! Yang Yun looks 18 in that video! She’s definitely not underage!

    (Notice that I’m using essentially the same argument made by Americans in regards to the 2008 Chinese gymnasts.)

  32. Talented Says:

    ACTUALLY, YANG YUN WAS already 50 years old when she competed in Sydney. We uncovered a document found in NY Times website, confirming Yang’s age. A blogger, who is a computer expert, found a cached document in NY Times website

  33. gymnast46 Says:

    “I am still so suprised that everyone is worked up about the ages of Kexin, Yuyuan and Yilin….and nobody brings up DENG! That kid can’t be more than 12, if even. DId you see the coach pick her up like a baby after her bars set?”

    nobody brings up the age of DENG because she was not a challenger of the americans (sorry to say it) for any medal..

    HE an YILIAN challenged either an event medal or the allaroudn medal… and were much bigger contributers to the team medal…

  34. Carly Says:

    There are several gymnasts that I can think of that have been suspected of being underaged (Gina Gogean 1992, Alexandra Marinescu 1996, Yang Yun 2000) but no one had ever even thought to investigate it apparently until now. Finally. The IOC basically gave China the green light in 2008 so it’s hard to blame them for thinking they’d get away with it. The IOC made it obvious that teams and gymnasts will not be punished in any way for using under age gymnasts. Rules are set for a reason but someone will always break those rules if they know they can get away with it.

  35. heehee Says:

    if the US bothered about fairplay, they should have complained to FIG before the Chinese won. now they simply looj like sore losers.

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