Memmel injured, Yelizerova out

After a relatively quiet week as teams made final preparations and flew out to the Beijing vicinity, news exploded Sunday.

The excellent International Gymnast Magazine has two announcements that potentially alter the Olympic picture: First, that American Chellsie Memmel has sustained an ankle injury and may be limited to competing on uneven bars only. No word as to how she injured the ankle.

Second, there’s the fact that Lyudmila Yezhova Grebenkova has reportedly replaced Daria Yelizerova on Beijing’s Olympic roster. Again, no real explanations.

So, specualtion ensues. If Memmel’s injury makes her into the Paul Hamm of the women’s team (i.e. she withdraws from the team) which alternate would be tapped to replace her?

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4 Responses to “Memmel injured, Yelizerova out”

  1. Jen Says:

    I hope that Chellsie can compete. She’s a strong asset for the U.S., and it would be a shame after all the hard work she’s made in the past 4 years. She’s a strong competitor, and hopefully she’ll be set to go for U.S.A. If not, they really have to go w/ Bieger– whose bar score is the highest of the 3 alternates. Sloan may have to pick up some slots also. I hope and pray that Chellsie is okay and can compete strongly for the U.S.’s shot at gold.

  2. Colleen Says:

    I will be so upset if Chellsie can’t compete, especially after all she’s been through already.
    I would say either Bieger (yuck) or Lothrop to replace her. Bieger has more experience, but I’ve heard Lothrop could potentially throw an Amanar, if not a DTY, she has excellent floor, and her bars really isn’t bad and can score in the mid-15 range. I can see Corrie being the Tasha Schweikert of these games. (Or the Chellsie Memmel Worlds ’03).
    But I really hope that Chellsie is OK and this is just a precaution. She is such an asset to the team, and I don’t think they have a shot at gold without her.

  3. TCO Says:

    I did a numerical analysis. None of the alternates can help on BB (Sac replaces) or on FX (Liukin replaces). On UB, Bieger is a very moderate improvement over Sloan. However, most of Memmel’s benefit to the team (0.8 out of 1.0 points) is on UB, so keeping her and using her as an UB specialist is completely reasonable.

  4. Sylvia Says:

    Chellsie is tough and has come back many times…if there’s a way she can compete, she will. I’m hoping the media is blowing this out of proportion, and that she will be able to compete. We certainly need her on UB, and hopefully she can at least participate in this event. We in the Midwest think she has the heart and tenacity to compete, despite this setback. We started a card for her, if you want to sign it, here it is!:

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