Chinese women’s team is…

The rumors were true. International Gymnast Magazine has confirmed that Cheng Fei, Jiang Yuyuan, Li Shanshan, Yang Yilin, He Kexin and Deng Linlin will represent team China in Beijing.

Team captain Cheng is the only returning 2004 Olympian but also the lone member of the 2006 World Championship-winning squad.

In China, gymnasts seem to flame out faster than they do elsewhere — perhaps it’s the emergence of stunning new talent like He and Deng that makes it that much harder to stay at the top.

Yang Yilin, 2008 Tianjin World Cup Event Finals, Uneven Bars:

Like the Chinese men’s squad named earlier, this is a dream team — if they can all hit in team finals. China’s reputation there is sketchy. If they hit in event finals, the Chinese could sweep the gold medals.

Whether they win team gold or not, China has certainly locked up the depth prize this quad. Talk about a country whose B team could challenge for a medal –not making the final Olympic cut was Olympic veteran Zhang Nan, artistic Sui Lu, snazzy Pang Panpan, powerful Xiao Sha, and 2006 World team members Zhou Zhuoru, He Ning .

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2 Responses to “Chinese women’s team is…”

  1. Alisa Says:

    Her pirouetting is beautiful, but I can’t get over how terrible her kips are. The bent arms are so distracting and should be major deductions.

  2. b a Says:

    That is so f$cking funny– “snazzy” Pang Panpan!!! I have often tried to think of a word to accurately describe her; I think snazzy is perfect and it also cracks me up significantly. I started to like her a few years ago. She looks so sweet, despite the fact that her arms and legs continue to defy my sense of reality by not splintering into bits. I had hoped she and Xiao Sha would make the team; senitmental favorites, that’s all.

    GO USA, but I also hope the best girls win in at least relatively fair judging conditions

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