Olympian Imogen Cairns

Congratulations to the 19-year-old Brit, who was named a member of the English British Olympic team after teammate Laura Jones withdrew.

The way IG writes about it, seems like Cairns, the first alternate, would have been a shoo-in on the team to begin with.

Jones, eighth at British Championships in June in Guildford, was unable to recover from an ongoing back injury. She will be replaced by Cairns, who originally was named first alternate despite finishing fourth all-around and first on vault and floor exercise in Guildford.

Imogen Cairns, 2005 Glasgow Grand Prix Prelims, Floor Exercise:

(via International Gymnast Magazine)

2 Responses to “Olympian Imogen Cairns”

  1. Jobelaw Says:

    Please do not refer to the British Olympic Team as the ‘English Olympic Team’ – it offends the other countries that make up ‘The United Kingdom’ of ‘Great Britain’. Thankyou.

  2. abbi fairley Says:

    shes my gym eacher

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