Andree Pickens tries for another Olympics

The strong Andree Pickens has taken up pole vaulting with the hopes of making the 2008 U.S. Olympic Team.

Pickens was of the Magnificent Seven era, and placed 12th at the 1996 U.S. Olympic Trials. She was a tall, powerful athlete who later went to Alabama and was part of the 2002 NCAA Championship-winning team and was an extra in the U.S. Championships scenes in 2006’s Stick It.

She had a cool bar routine, too, including a Tkatchev-Geinger combo and a toe-on, 1.5 twisting front dismount.

Andree Pickens, 1996 Olympic Trials, Uneven Bars:

Andree Pickens, 1999 NCAA Floor Exercise:

After exhausting her NCAA eligibility as a gymnast, Pickens took up pole vaulting. Her success has catapulted her to the U.S. Track and Field Trials in Eugene, Ore.

Pickens joins a growing number of ex-gymnasts to try for Olympic honors in a second sport. Other notables: Aussie star-turned-sharpshooter Allana Slater and 2000 Aussie Olympian (now diver) Alex Croak, who will be heading to Beijing to compete as a synchronized diver. Another Aussie, Trudi McIntosh, nearly made the 2006 Australian Olympic aerial ski team.

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One Response to “Andree Pickens tries for another Olympics”

  1. CJ Says:

    Alex isn’t competing synchro in Beijing, she’ll be competing individual platform.

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