The exciting Mattie Larson

Mattie Larson wowed everybody with this wonderful floor exercise at the Olympic Trials. Is it enough to get her named to the team, in some capacity? (In my book, being an alternate counts as a capacity.)

She’s a good interview, too. Have a look at this coverage:

Best quotes: “When I was four, I rememebr watching the 96 Olympics and just like thinking, ‘Oh, I can do everything they can do, I’m just going to go to a gym and try it.’ And then of course, it didn’t work…” She also said she’s planning to try for 2012, and that she’s got more to give.

“I don’t feel like people have seen my best best.”

Larson trains at All-Olympia in Los Angeles alongside junior Samantha Shapiro, also noted for her exceptional form and beauty. Could All-Olympia be the next GAGE? We’ll see in 2009.

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5 Responses to “The exciting Mattie Larson”

  1. jaz Says:

    this fx is amazing…she absolutely sells it. probably one of my faves ever…and she’s cute as a button.

  2. Tanya S. Says:

    I love her gymnastics. She’s fabulous. I hope she keeps going for 4 more years because I’d love to see her at the next Olympics.

  3. Jen Says:

    I think she’d make a great alternate. I don’t think she’s quite ready for the Olympics– needs more international experience. Look at Alicia Sacramone and how far she made it in 4 years— young girls take note!

  4. shergymrag Says:

    Not a fan. It just doesn’t look like she cares.

  5. Bre Says:

    I think Mattie will most likely make it to the 2012 olympics. But I do know that her name is going to appear much more now that she’s getting older and more people are learning about her. Good Luck Larson!

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