Bad news for David Sender

David SenderThe 2008 U.S. champ reportedly was taken to the hospital after sustaining an ankle injury training at the Olympic Trials in Philadelphia.

It didn’t exactly happen on his double-double on floor exercise.

From USA Today:

After finishing his practice session on the high bar, the bar was vibrating. He jumped up to tap the bar to make it stop. When he came down, his foot rolled off the mat.

“It’s one of those things you do every day in the gym,” men’s program director Dennis McIntyre said. “It’s really unfortunate.”

McIntyre said Sender wasn’t talking much: “He knows what’s on the line.”

Doesn’t matter, men’s team coordinator Ron Brant assured The Kansas City Star. The U.S. has plenty to choose from.

“We have more depth to choose from than I can ever remember,” Brant said Wednesday. “This isn’t going to be an easy process.”

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One Response to “Bad news for David Sender”

  1. gymnastics08 Says:

    This really sucks for him because from what I have been hearing they don’t want him on the team.


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