The new Shawn Johnson floor

Highly anticipated, with improved choreography and a more mature feel.

Shawn Johnson, 2008 U.S. Championships Prelims, Floor Exercise:


13 Responses to “The new Shawn Johnson floor”

  1. shergymrag Says:

    I’m glad somebody got a new floor for Beijing. I also like the new, more elegant ending pose way better than the old, ugly one.

  2. Charlotte Says:

    this music is also very good, very inspirational!

  3. Matt Says:

    why is she not doing a normal tour jete? she already does a tour jete half, and she could take out the double full and its worth the same.. a C?

    I dont understand! lol

  4. shergymrag Says:

    Tour jete is a B on floor.

  5. Matt Says:

    Normal split leap 1/2 is a B.

    (1.304 in the code) – CHANGE LEG split leap with a 1/2 turn (or 2/2 turn – which she already does right after her whip-triple) is a C.

    Rather than put that Gogean jump in, or take out the double full, she should just do a change leg half. Would be SO much easier.

    Nastia does one right before her dismount.

    Plus – the judges in Beijing are going to be so harsh with getting the turn around. A 3/2 twisting leap has much greater room for error than a 1/2 twisting one – plus, she looked uncotrolled both nights on her Gogean. The judges here prob didn’t take for the step, but in Beijing they definitely will.

    I scored this at a 9.2 B panal – which is still HUGE! Nastia’s however, I got an 8.8. She was MEGA overscored!

  6. Wally Says:

    I haven’t given up hope that Nastia will debut a new FX before the Olympics, but things are definitely starting to look grim.

    I guess Shawnbot’s FX is slightly better than the old one, but that’s like saying Mussolini was better than Hitler.

  7. shergymrag Says:

    Normal split lap 1/2 is a B and so is tour jete.

    Shawn isn’t doing 1.304 after her whip triple full. She’s doing 1.301. Split leap full or tour jete 1/2, formerly known as a strug. If she was going for change leg split leap 1/2 instead of the strug she’d have potential for deduction before and after the change leg due to lack of split.

    Shawn doesn’t do a Gogean. That is Tour jete full which would be 1 1/2 twists since the skill starts out with half a twist. Shawn’s 1 1/2 twisting jump is a straddle pike jump (1.307). She does have problems on the landing but as long as she gets her legs above horizontal the landing is the possible deduction for her on it. If she was doing a gogean she would have the potential for landing deduction and lack of split deduction.

  8. Matt Says:

    Ok I got the Gogean and a Tour Jete Full muddled!

    But – if you look carefully at .26 on the video, she begins the leap with her right leg forward, and she finishes the split with it behind. That IS change leg, right?

    A normal split leap full would throw the original split position with the right leg out front, and then full twist to feet together. The right leg would never go behind her at 180 degrees. Which is what Shawn does in hers.

  9. shergymrag Says:

    A Gogean is a tour jete full. It weird but in gymnastics when something is full-twisting you are adding a full twist to the original skill. A tour jete is a fouette hop with a half turn. Since a Gogean is a tour jete full that means it’s got a full turn in addition to the half turn that the tour jete starts out with. This makes a total of 1 1/2 turns for a Gogean.

    I think the only difference between a Tour jete and a change leg leap with half turn is the tour jete doesn’t have a minimum split requirement on the initial hop. For a change leg leap you you don’t have to start it with a full split to get full credit but if you don’t do enough of a split you get a deduction. This means you get two chances to be deducted on this one skill. If you make one split position but miss the other, deduction. If you miss both, it’s a bigger deduction. Shawn could end up getting credit for only a Tour jete (B) if she went for a change leg leap half and missed the first split.

  10. Matt Says:

    Let’s leave out using Tour Jete’s to describe things as it is not written in the code and it only makes things more complicated lol:

    The difference between the B and the C version is the ‘change-leg’ element of the skill.

    There is a requirement of full split in both the split leap half, and the ‘change leg’ split leap half.

    Shawn DOES a change leg full turn here, right after her whip-triple.

    A change leg half turn is ALSO a C (1.304). She should do this rather than Straddle Jump one and a half.

    You’re missing my point lol

  11. Matt Says:

    For change-leg, the initital leg needs to raise above 45 degrees.

    Full-split is NOT required in the FIRST phase.

  12. shergymrag Says:

    “For change-leg, the initital leg needs to raise above 45 degrees.

    Full-split is NOT required in the FIRST phase.”

    I noted the same thing in my last post.

    ” You’re missing my point lol”

    You are missing the difference between tour jete, and change leg 1/2. I’ve looked very closely at videos of Shawn’s floor and her jumping leg does not reach that minimum split for a change leg split full. It would need to be 45 degrees past vertical. Instead, it points straight down in the first phase. That makes it a tour jete half.

    I’ve also looked more closely at Nastia’s switch leap half and I noticed that she doesn’t have a minimum split on her first phase either. I looked at her site and she claims to do a switch leap half before her last pass. But then she says it’s B credit. Same credit as a tour jete instead of C credit for change leg split leap 1/2. Maybe she is going for change leg 1/2 but knows she only gets tour jete credit so she just puts that it’s worth B. Maybe she gets switch leap credit sometimes.

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