Memmel: Yurchenko 1.5 at U.S. Championships

Chellsie MemmelFrom the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel Online:

[Chellsie] Memmel looked impressive on the beam in training last week, and she continued to improve her bars, floor and vault routines.

She is gaining confidence with the double Yurchenko vault (featuring two twists) but may wait to use it at the Olympic trials, preferring to do a safer 1 ½-twist vault in Boston.

Seems that Memmel’s still looking to play things a bit safe as she heads into the final countdown to the Olympic Trials.

Other juicy details spilled in the article:

— Memmel’s using a European mix for floor music
— She’s throwing an Arabian double pike as her first pass
— Her start value is high — high sixes to low sevens. That doesn’t exactly put her on par with Nastia Liukin, but it may put her above the other girls competing at the U.S. Championships
— No handstand/planche mount on beam — it hurts her shoulder
— Aerial cartwheel added on beam

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