Aisha Gerber to become a Bruin

Aisha GerberAisha Gerber, the expressive Canadian who was third at the 2006 American Cup has signed a letter of intent to compete for UCLA next winter, reports.

In a statement, UCLA coach Valorie Kondos-Field compared Gerber to former Bruin Yvonne Tousek, one of the most expressive and unique gymnasts of her generation.

“Aisha embodies all that we pride ourselves on at UCLA. She is a brilliant and serious student of academics as well as of gymnastics. She also exudes confidence, poise and elegance, much like her fellow Canadian and past Bruin Yvonne Tousek.”

Yvonne Tousek, 2004 UCLA vs. Minnesota, Floor Exercise:

The Bruins could will no doubt welcome Gerber, fellow Canadian recruit Elyse Hopfner-Hibbs and Kaelie Baer, Tauny Frattone and Vanessa Zamarripa after a fairly disappointing season where the team underperformed at the Pac-10 Championships and failed to make the NCAA Super Six.

Gerber never quite reached Tousek’s level of fame, although the 2006 American Cup was quite a highlight. She had a rough 2007, parting ways with coach Elvira Saadi and admitted to International Gymnast Magazine that she struggled with motivation to resume training. She eventually went to Oakville Gymnastics, where she trains with Kyle Shewfelt’s coach Kelly Manjak and his wife Sue.

Gerber was aiming for one of the two Canadian Olympic berths as a vault and floor specialist, but given the points system Canada is using to select their gymnasts and the fact that she hasn’t been in an international competition since Gymnix International, it seems doubtful.

Imagine the floor routine Kondos-Field will cook up for her, though!

Aisha Gerber, 2006 American Cup, Floor Exercise:

Aisha Gerber, 2007 Elite Canada, Floor Exercise:

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