Chloe Sims retires

Australia's Chloe SimsPromising Australian gymnasts are dropping like flies — and not because of injury, writes Mez at the Australian Gymnastics Blog.

The latest victim: 2006 Commonwealth Games all-around champion Chloe Sims.

I’d said this morning that I was yet to find truth to the rumour that Chloe Sims has retired as she is listed there with the WAG squad. Well, apparently she has retired, though details are pending. I’m quite sad for her, seeing as it’s so close to the Olympics. I was holding out for an improved and inspiring National Championships from Chloe, but she must have her reasons for her decision. I wish her the best in whatever she pursues.

Her latest entry cites a reason: poor performances (last-place finishes, no less) at verification camps.

It seems very surprising that Sims and Hollie Dykes, two of Australia’s top gymnasts from 2006, should retire so soon before the Olympic Games. Is something amiss in Australian gymnastics?

Perhaps Sims will follow the lead of teammate Olivia Vivian, who just accepted an NCAA scholarship to Oregon State.

3 Responses to “Chloe Sims retires”

  1. mez Says:

    Hi there.
    Just to let you know, official details about Chloe’s retirement should be up soon on Chloe’s website.

    Webmistress ‘Asha’ has contact with her family and is awaiting word from Chloe’s mum.

    Chloe is still slated to compete at next week’s National Championships.

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