Watch the Summer Games online is going to broadcast and archive a lot of its Olympic footage from lesser-broadcast sports, NBC Vice President for Digital Media Perkins Miller said in an interview published earlier this week.

NBC intends to broadcast and archive 17 days of the Olympics on the site, resulting in 2,200 hours of video which users may watch live and call up on-demand for free.

Miller sees this as a complementary repository to what the broadcaster will air on TV. “We’re talking about doing 25 sports online that we aren’t really doing on broadcast. There will be significantly more content online than on air,” said Miller, adding that he has observed strong demand from fans for on-demand content.

Gymnastics is one of the lucky sports that gets a lot of airtime, so it might not be one of the 25. (“The figure skating of the Summer Games,” a friend aptly called it recently.) Still, who knows? What would be amazing would be to chroicle every routine performed at the Games, not just the top five or so on every apparatus.’s Gymnastics Section is quite impressive — by far the best roundup and comprehensive profile of individuals in contention for Olympic medals. It also has excellent coverage. One of its latest newsflashes: Chellsie Memmel has a tattoo on her foot.

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One Response to “Watch the Summer Games online”

  1. audgator Says:

    wow do I second the motion of having everyone aired. I have really enjoyed how WCSN shows every competitor in EF.

    As long as the broadcast doesn’t do anything like in 2000. That was horrendous.

    2004 wasn’t that bad. I would like to see more in TF.

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