Petitioning Kristina Vaculik to Beijing

Kristina VaculikSomeone isn’t happy that 2008 Olympic hopeful Kristina Vaculik is training Nansy Damianova and Elyse Hopfner-Hibbs in the points competiton that will partly determine who makes the Canadian Olympic team.

A petition to Gymnastics Canada Gymnastique, the governing body of Canadian gymnastics, has been set up here.

The fairly complicated Canadian selection process was explained well by Hopfner-Hibbs’s coach Carol-Angela Orchard in an interview with International Gymnast Online last week.

Athletes also receive points for their previous World Championships experience.

A minimum standard has been set by Gymnastics Canada for each event: 13.600 on vault (average of two vaults); 15.300 on bars; 15.100 on beam; and 14.300 on floor.

The gymnasts are given Olympic Qualifying points when they hit the minimum standards in meets they are sent to around the world, plus Elite Canada and Nationals. The higher their score, the higher number of points they receive.

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