Chinese Nationals: Quick hits

Cheng FeiCheng Fei: 16.1 on vault (Fei)
Jiang Yuyuan: 16.1 on vault (Amanar)
He Kexin: 17.3 on bars
Yang Yilin: 17.05 on bars
Pang Panpan: 16.15 on bars
Li Shanshan: 16.95 on balance beam

Granted, this is from an internal meet. Makes one think that we’re going to be seeing some similiar scores come U.S. Nationals in June.

(via International Gymnast Magazine Online)

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5 Responses to “Chinese Nationals: Quick hits”

  1. Em Says:

    Hmmm… how realistic are those scores?

  2. Charlotte Says:

    exactly what i was wondering! and where are all the people? for the chinese nationals i expected to see the stadium full so that the gymnasts could get used to a huge crowd but i guess not

  3. Me Says:

    what happened to Li Ya?

  4. Blythe Says:

    I read somewhere that Li Ya left the National Team to go home for a rest and won’t be making a run for Beijing. Can’t confirm that though.

  5. alice Says:

    Li Ya injured her hand and therefore took a break from the Natl Team as she can’t do bars right now. This was mentioned in a Chinese gymnastics documentary on tv about He Kexin.

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