Inside interviews Suzanne Yoculan

Suzanne YoculanInside Gymnastics Magazine has posted the first of a two-part interview with the wildly successful Suzanne Yoculan, coach of the University of Georgia.

From her words, Yoculan still seems to be glowing from Georgia’s NCAA Championship win at home last weekend. Or maybe she’s just like this all the time.

INSIDE GYMNASTICS: Have you had time yet to absorb the magnitude of winning four NCAA Championships in a row?

SUZANNE YOCULAN: (laughs) No. It’s pretty much indescribable.

Our four incredible seniors, plus Sam Sheehan, who is not competing but is still very much a part of our program—they came in as freshmen and just established a new foundation, a new philosophy, for our program. We decided to make it very clear to all of our recruits, and to our team, what we were going to stand for, as a team and as a program.

The basis of our program is respect and communication and we spent a lot of time on that. They came in as freshman and were the first class where we presented this new foundation … and they embraced the concept. They got behind it right away and were part of the growth, the development, of this new foundation. And it works.

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