The oh-so-close NCAA all-around

Tasha Schwikert1. Tasha Schwikert 39.600

2. Ashley Postell 39.550

3. Katie Heenan 39.525

3. Tiffany Tolnay 39.525

3. Kristina Baskett 39.525

3. Melanie Sinclair 39.525

Congratulations to Schwikert, who earns her second NCAA all-around title (she was the 2005 champion as well.) For Postell, this has to be a disappointment. In four years at Utah, she’s been third, second, second and second again.

In the team competition, the Utes will likely record the same history.

Georgia had a 197.625 in the evening session. This title is theirs to lose. Unofficially, Utah and Stanford also advance to tomorrow’s Super Six.

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2 Responses to “The oh-so-close NCAA all-around”

  1. Dani Says:

    I’m so proud of Tasha, she’s had a long career and it’s satisfying to see her end on such a high. Same goes for Ashley and Katie really, they have all been incredibly successful during their college careers. This year brings to a close the careers of so many outstanding gymnasts, I can hardly remember the days before those three, Yim, and Humphrey were making their marks on the sport. I’ll miss seeing this ladies perform especially on floor, they’ve been such a bright and charismatic group.

  2. TCO Says:

    The scores are crazy close. We need a different system. I don’t mind if we keep the 10 or get rid of it. But if we keep it, we ought to significantly increase the difficulty requirment. The problem is that people look at a ten like “par” on the golf course. We need to compensate the gymnasts that throw harder tricks. This will also spread the scores.

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