Ivana Hong’s untold story

Ivana HongActually, it’s Hong’s mom Michelle’s untold story — untold anyway until The New York Times published it today.

Ivana Hong is a gymnast hoping to make it to the Beijing Summer Games, a Chinese-American who figured to be asked to trace her roots by reporters who are here to familiarize themselves with likely United States competitors. That she did, explaining that her parents were actually born in Vietnam, leaving separately before they met in America, her mother on a boat that encountered a storm and some resistance before arriving in Thailand.

The detailed version, provided by Michelle Hong, was much more harrowing, and complex.

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One Response to “Ivana Hong’s untold story”

  1. jana Says:

    great story but i if vana has any chance to make the olympic team, she has to do two things at trials and selection camp. considering that johnson, likukin, sacramone, and memmel are locks for the team, the next two spots will be reserved for a vault and uneven bars specialist (these two spots will be for the 3rd spot for ub and vault, beam lineup and floor lineup already set) So the team look like this at the moment:

    Vault lineup: 1.) Johnson 2.) Sacramone 3.) ???
    UB Lineup 1.) Liukin 2.) Memmel 3.)????
    Beam: 1.) Liukin 2.) Johnson 3.) Memmel/Sac
    Floor 1.) Johnson 2.) Sac 3.) Memmel/Liukin

    So whoever can fill spot #3 in vault and uneven bars will be on the olympic team:

    If I were Martha, Id pick a gymnast great on both vault and UB. My bet goes to Bridget Sloan if she has the 6.7 A Score, but from now until olympics continue to upgrade to 7.0, and keep working on the DTY or

    or pick a vault specialist and or ub specialist.

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