The Anna Pavlova all-around analysis

Beijing all-around threat?She looked great on floor at last week’s European Championships.

She tried an Amanar vault (even though she “splatted” it, as Northernriver would say.)

She’s proven herself to be a good beamworker — an Olympic finalist with good rhythm and big skills.

So why isn’t Russian veteran Anna Pavlova, 20 years old in a sport where 20 is the new 16, considered an all-around threat?

Basically, it’s a bars thing.

Anna Pavlova, 2008 Doha World Cup, Uneven Bars:

From a mainstream perspective, there’s nothing really wrong with this routine. (As an up-and-coming 12-year-old in 2000, Pavlova’s best event was said to be bars.) It has the great form displayed by almost all Russian barworkers, some nice stalders and two fun release moves.

But it won’t score well. Why? Aside from its comparatively low A-value and some shorted handstands, Pavlova works bars the way many gymnasts do conditioning: It’s basic, it’s necessary, it’s not really elegant but it’s something you have to get through. That’s what her body language and swing imply to me.

Pavlova could get lucky, though — part of her success in the all-around competition in Athens in 2004 was that she was able to open up on bars, do her mediocre routine and get it done with.

The downside was that she had to close on vault, the lowest-scoring event of the competition, while the top six from preliminaries went to floor exercise, the event of choice for most gymnasts to end their competitions. Given her all-around performance in Athens as a whole, many believe Pavlova ought to have won bronze, if not silver.

Beijing could be a different, because some who throw Amanars have the potential to have vault be their highest-scoring event. Ending on that could put a medal on someone’s neck this time, instead of taking it away.


2 Responses to “The Anna Pavlova all-around analysis”

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  2. shergymrag Says:

    It won’t score well because her bars is basic? No. it won’t score well because she doesn’t have the A score.

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