On Diego Hypolito and other Injured

2005 and 2007 World Champion Diego HypolitoTwo-time World floor champion Diego Hypolito has undergone surgery to repair a modial meniscus rupture in his right knee, the Malaysia Sun reported today.

The short article goes on to speculate whether the injury will affect the Brazilian’s chances to bring home a gold medal on floor in Beijing.

‘It will obviously harm (Hypolito’s preparation). He will miss practices, and practising is always important. He will have to get over it,’ said coach Renato Araujo.

…The procedure took about 80 minutes and was ‘successful’, according to orthopaedist Joao Granjeiro Neto, who carried out the surgery.

I recently spoke with a gymnast who’s torn her meniscus twice. Her experience is that it takes about six weeks before you can pound on it again in training.

So add Hypolito to the list of gymnasts attempting to make miraculous recoveries in time for the summer Olympics.

Also in line: American Justin Spring, who tore his ACL vaulting at the 2007 U.S. Championships, Morgan Hamm, recovering from a torn pectoralis in October, and Canadian Kyle Shewfelt, who broke both tibia training an Arabian double layout on floor right before the 2007 World Championships.International Gymnast Magazine, which just put out its digital April edition, has updates on all The Injured.

In brief: Romanian Marian Dragulescu’s career is in question after he was diagnosed with cervical discopathy, a neck injury, that might have been sustained after he landed a bit short on a Thomas salto at the 2007 European Championships. IG reported that the result was nothing short of horrific:

Dazed by his landing, he balked twice on his dismount before aborting the routine. He later participated in the vault final but crashed his second vault.

The 27-year-old Bucharest native has been advised by doctors to stop training altogether because of the seriousness of the injury.

Opinionated sidenote: There’s a few horrible videos on Youtube of male and female gymnasts literally getting knocked out after doing Thomases incorrectly.

As much as one has to admire American Kurt Thomas’ daring and innovation, that move should be banned.

Shewfelt is walking and tumbling again but having trouble trusting his legs. He tracks his progress on his personal blog at http://kyleshewfelt.blogspot.com.

Hamm is in high spirits and hoping to compete his signature Airflare in competition this summer. He and Paul also have a website at http://makingtheolympics.com.

Recently posted videos show that Spring is regaining his bounciness on floor as well.

Justin Spring in training, spring 2008:

Also, a vault:

(via Gymnastics Coaching)

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