Michigan topples no. 1 Georgia

Michigan senior Katie LiebermanSo that happened nearly a week ago, and it’s still blowing my mind.

Losing to Utah in Utah is one thing. Losing to Michigan in Michigan may be seen as another.

No. 4 Michigan, along with no. 5 Lousiana State, have become the Cinderella schools of NCAA women’s gymnastics. And no. 6 Alabama, no. 7 Stanford and no. 10 UCLA, schools that get so much ink from the media, are looking rather ugly-stepsisterish at this point in time.

Michigan took advantage of a weakened Georgia that was without star Courtney Kupets to beat the Gym Dogs on every event except uneven bars at home in Ann Arbor. Michigan’s 197.6 was more than a great score — it was the sixth-highest in program history and the team’s highest since 2004.

More surprising is that it wasn’t even close. Georgia scored a 196.95 after two gymnasts stepped out of bounds and one fell on vault (the score was dropped). Still…

Coach Suzanne Youclan’s diagnosis: It’s Kupets’ fault for rupturing her Achilles tendon and freaking everyone out. But she says it far more politely in Georgia’s press release.

“Overall I think it was a good meet for us given the emotional situation we’ve faced in dealing with Courtney Kupets’ injury and all of the lineup changes we had to make because of it,” Yoculan said. “We had some very uncharacteristic mistakes, especially on floor exercise, but were able to regroup and come back strong on beam.”

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