What is this thing doing in my blog?

What does the so-called disappearance of a Renton, Wash.-based eye doctor have anything to do with gymnastics?

The doctor’s name happens to be Chris Phillips. And if that rings a bell somewhere in the recesses of the gymnastics fanatic’s mind, it’s because Phillips was once married to Shannon Miller.

Shannon Miller Seattle news affiliate KOMO-4 has been trying to track Phillips, who left a typed note saying his business was temporarily closed on the door of his Lomas Lasik and Eye Care Center earlier this month. He referred clients to a similar eye clinic nearby.

Two things are interesting about this story: The first is that Phillips asked a former employee to watch his house while he went to Eastern Canada to be with his wife. Phillips’ employees told the news station they didn’t know where he was.

The second is that Phillips was scheduled to appear in court late last month.

According to court documents, Dr. Chris Phillips pleaded not guilty in January to three charges related to what police reports describe as a loud party at his Renton home. Phillips has been charged with supplying liquor to a minor, making a false statement and breach of peace.

The documents state Phillips missed a court date on Feb. 25. “Defendant is in Oklahoma due to a family emergency,” the papers said.

But KOMO 4 News contacted Phillips’ mother in Oklahoma. She said her son is not there and that she hasn’t seen him or even talked to him in a “long time.” Phillips’ mother says she knows “nothing about what’s going on with his business.”

Hmmm. Phillips’ marriage to Miller is ancient history, but just to recap: The couple met in Oklahoma and married in 1999 in what People Magazine described as a “lavish ceremony” with more than 1,000 guests.

Things got ugly in 2004 after they seperated and both more or less slandered each other in the media. He said she had an affair with a married athlete. She said the worst thing she ever did to him was to fill his car with regular-grade gasoline.

Miller married Florida politican John Falconetti last August.

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2 Responses to “What is this thing doing in my blog?”

  1. Katrina Says:

    I never heard about their separation or subsequent divorce… Wow I’ve been out of it.

    LOL I love all the drama the west side gets into (I’m from Washington but the eastern side)

  2. Wayne Bergman Says:

    My girlfriend paid Christopher Phillips almost $4,000.00 to have the lens in each eye replaced. After three surgeries in each eye, her vision is worse than before. Looking into the good doctor has revealed that he was never licensed. After abruptly closing the Lomas Eye Clinic, he filed for bankruptcy. There are at least 54 compliants against Dr Phillips with the Board of Health in Washington state. It appears that Dr Phillips did not have Malpractice Insurance, so everyone is out money and experiiencing suffering without recourse. If anyone knows where the good doctor is hiding, or what legal action may be possible, please write me at w_a_bergman@yahoo.com (Wayne Bergman). We are also collecting the names and contact info of anyone interested in joining a class action law suit against Dr Phillips. Thank you in advance for any help.

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