Introducing Danell Leyva

So the high-flying release moves aren’t really present in his 2008 Winter Cup high bar routine. Nonetheless, 16-year-old Danell Leyva, the 2006 U.S. Junior Champion, is certainly worth a second look.

Danell Leyva, 2008 Winter Cup, High Bar:

The intricate in-bar work reminds one of the stylish routine John Roethlisberger performed in Sydney in 2000.

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One Response to “Introducing Danell Leyva”

  1. Valentin Uzunov Says:

    COOL.. for a 16yr old that is pretty awesome. Technique a little shabby here and there but for 16 that is sweet!
    I also like the in bar work, very cool…but under the current rules doesn’t he suffer a requirement deduction for a release skill??Ohhi guess the Veronin is his release.. humm..
    That is going to get sooo boaring these Olympics the Tak full to Veronin ..Paul Hamm was doing the Tak to a tkatchev combination well was working it havent seen his High Bar for 2008..that was cool..

    I definitely like the free pike endo full that was nice.. dont think i have seen that very often.. And his jam dislocate to HANDSTAND! nice!!!that was nice. Very look look forward to watching more of him

    Valentin Uzunov
    The Gym Press

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