2008 American Cup lineup and speculations

Paul Hamm International Gymnast Magazine has posted a complete lineup of the 2008 American Cup March 1 in New York City.

The American Cup, always one of the first international meets of the season, seems to take on added importance in the Olympic year. This year’s lineup will undoubtedly provide the speculation mill with fodder from now until August.

Gymnasts competing are:

Paul Hamm (Speculation likely to result: Whether or not Hamm has recaptured his best-in-the-world standing and will challenge Yang Wei for the Olympic all-around title.)

Fabian Hambuchen (Speculation likely to result: If he places above Hamm, it’ll be whether he can really challeneg Yang in Beijing. If he places below Hamm, it’ll be whether Hambuchen will be able to retain his top three stading with Hamm back in the picture.)

Raj Bhavsar (Speculation likely to result: Whether Raj really has a shot at a place on the 2008 U.S. Olympic team.)

Sasha Artemev (Speculation likely to result: Whether Sasha can hit all six events cleanly when there’s Olympic hardware on the line.)

Jonathan Horton (Speculation likely to result: Whether Horton’s fourth-place all-around finish in Stuttgart at the 2007 Worlds was a fluke or not.)

Lu Bin (Speculation likely to result: Whether this guy has any shot at being included on the Chinese Olympic team, let alone a medal on any apparatus in Beijing. He did win three golds at the Good Luck Beijing International Invitational in December…)

Hisashi Mizutori (Speculation likely to result: Whether Hisashi has a shot at repeating as a medalist in the all-around as in 2007, and whether there’s any chance at all the Japanese men’s team might pull an upset in team finals in Beijing.)

Flavius Koczi (Speculation likely to result: Whether the Romanian men have a chance at being on the podium in August, and if he’s a potential team leader.)

And for the women…

Shawn Johnson (Speculation likely to result: Whether Johnson’s Olympic fate will be that of a Patterson or a Zmeskal.)

Nastia Liukin (Speculation likely to result: Whether there’s any chance she can best Johnson in the all-around in Beijing.)

Samantha Peszek (Speculation likely to result: Whether or not she’ll make the U.S. team.)

Shayla Worley (Speculation likely to result: Whether she can outdo either Liukin or Johnson.)

Alyssa Brown (Speculation likely to result: Whether she is good enough to be one of the two women Canada selects to send to the Games.)

Xiao Tingting (Speculation likely to result: Whether this gymnast, who boasts a whopping six release moves on bars, have a shot at making the Chinese team. And if so, whether she can medal on bars.)

Natalia Sanchez (Speculation likely to result: Who this Colombian is and what the country’s program will be.)

Joelene Mobius (Speculation likely to result: Just how good the German women are, anyway.)

Of course, all these things are already speculated about, but the American Cup will provide people with new evidence for their theories.

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3 Responses to “2008 American Cup lineup and speculations”

  1. aline Says:

    Natalia Sanchez for #1!

  2. aline Says:

    Nathalia Sanchez is a 15 year old gymnast currently training at my sister’s gym in Hull, Canada. She is wonderful! She has beautiful form and great flexibilty and also some pretty impressive skills. She has a shot at making the beam final in Beijing for sure! On beam, she does an amazing switch ring, roundoff two foot layout combo, front aerial to side somi, onodi, front aerial two foot, switch leap sissone, wolf jump, double tuck dismount. Watch out!!!

  3. Ana Says:

    Nathalia Sanchez is a gymnast from ColOmbia (not ColUmbia). please learn some geography, and please don’t make that kind of spelling mistakes. thanks.

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