Gymnasts and ink

It seems that tattoos are more popular in gymnastics than one might think.

Three-time U.S. Olympian Blaine Wilson wasn't shy about his tattoos.Blaine Wilson, the poster child rebellious gymnast, competed with his ankle wrapped top shield judges’ eyes from his tattoo, a cartoon character grasping the letters OSU (presumably for Ohio State University, Wilson’s alma mater.) 2004 Olympian Mohini Bhardwaj did likewise.

Terin Humphrey had the Olympic rings tattooed on her left shoulderblade.After the 2004 Olympics, Terin Humphrey had the Olympic rings tattooed just below her right shoulderblade. Bhardwaj also later had the rings tattooed on her left wrist.

Add to this line of inked gymnasts nearly every member of the Penn State University men’s team. Penn State won the NCAA Championship in 2007 and quickly followed what has apparently become a Nittany Lion tradition, its student newspaper The Collegian reported.

When most teams win national championships, they slip on rings, raise trophies and let out a season’s worth of tension partying. The Penn State men’s gymnastics team celebrated a bit differently.

They got tattoos.

The players adopted the idea from Penn State teams that had won national championships in 2000 and 2004.

“Before I came to Penn State, I saw the guys from 2004 who had them and I always told my family and friends from home, ‘I want a tattoo and a ring,’ ” junior Josh Borromeo said. “That was the main reason that I came here.”

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    […] If he does, he’ll be in good company. […]

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