A unique side aerial from Corey Hartung

Florida's Corey HartungEven though her team lost (by the smallest of margins), the University of Florida’s Corey Hartung was extremely impressive at Friday’s meet against no. 2 Georgia.

The junior, who trained with Kelli Hill as an elite, has long, elegant lines similar to Nastia Liukin’s and not your average college gymnastics skill set.

Corey Hartung, 2007 NCAA Super Six, Uneven Bars:

One move Hartung seems to have left behind is an unusual side aerial facing cross-wise on the balance beam. Here she is competing it at he 2004 American Classic Team Cup.

Corey Hartung, 2004 American Classic Team Cup, Balance Beam:

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One Response to “A unique side aerial from Corey Hartung”

  1. Brianna Says:

    I saw Rhian Pugh do that side ways aerial, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=klLByNzjea0 thats the video where she does it.

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