Moceanu, Canales welcome a daughter

Dominique Moceanu is now a mom.Let the “special Christmas gift” allusions begin.

1996 Olympic gold medalist Dominique Moceanu and husband Michael Canales will remember Christmas Day 2007 as the day their first child — daughter Carmen Noel Canales — was born.

Moceanu seems to do most things in style, and giving birth seems to be no different — the “Noel” is a really nice touch. Carmen, who was born at MacDonald Women’s Hospital in Cleveland, weighed seven pounds, seven ounces, People magazine reported.

[Moceanu] added, “The miracle of baby Carmen being born on Christmas Day makes this wonderful time all the more special to us. This is the best Christmas present we could have ever received!”

Amanda BordenMoceanu is the second member of the Magnificent Seven to give birth — teammate Amanda Borden and husband Brad Cochran welcomed daughter Kennedy Faith on July 29.

In an interview with Celebrity Baby Blog in November, Moceanu said she and Canales planned to introduce their daughter to gymnastics at a young age.

Mike and I definitely want to encourage the sport when she’s young. We believe it’s good for coordination and flexibility. The fundamentals you learn in gymnastics help prepare you for any sport that you choose later in life and overall physical health.

If she likes it, that would be great to be both her mom and her coach some day, but I would never force the sport on her. If she chooses to do it, I will protect her and guide her the best way I know how. I’d be thrilled if she loves it the same way that Mike and I do.

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One Response to “Moceanu, Canales welcome a daughter”

  1. JQ Says:

    Moceanu’s baby unfortunately has her father’s schnoz. And his beady eyes.

    Moceanu has the worst taste in fashion ever. She doesn’t put outfits together well at all. She always dresses like she climbed out of a hamper.

    She is also seriously out of shape. A baby is no excuse. Pick up an Oxygen magazine, where you’ll find a fit mother of six, and a plan how to do it.

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