Other videos from Beijing Test Event

China's Pang PanpanSo you’ve seen all the videos of Cheng Fei winning almost everything in sight at the recent Beijing Test Event. Now see how the other half did.

Youtube user Rainfalling has linked several performances recorded from the stands at the 2007 Good Luck Beijing International Invitational.

Among them are the performances of almost 2006 World Champion Pang Panpan and Zhou Zhuoru.

This user also has videos of the much less publicized 2007 Shanghai Test Event, which took place earlier this year. There one of Jiang Yuyuan taking two spills off the uneven bars during what appears to be training. The look on her face after her dismounts is priceless — like a kid who got caught with her hand in the cookie jar.

Pang Panpan, 2007 Good Luck Beijing International Invitational, Floor Exercise:

Jiang Yuyuan, 2007 Shanghai Test Event Training, Uneven Bars:

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One Response to “Other videos from Beijing Test Event”

  1. Amanda Says:

    I can’t find the video of jiang falling.

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