No comeback for Kupets

Difficulty Plus Execution reports via the University of Georgia that 2004 Olympian Courtney Kupets will not be attempting to qualify for the 2008 U.S. Olympic team.

2004 Olympian Courtney Kupets

But she did think about it, according to Gym Dogs coach Suzanne Yoculan.

“Our entire coaching staff supported Courtney during her deliberation concerning making another Olympic run and now respect her final decision not to try. The Georgia team has high expectations this upcoming season and we will look to Courtney for leadership.”

Whether or not Kupets really could have edged out Worley, Sacramone, Bieger, Hong, Sloan, Memmel, Peszek and everyone else who’s on the bubble for making the 2008 Olympic team seems kind of moot now. But one thing is clear: this girl only seems to get better with age.

Although she doesn’t perform all of her old difficulty, since coming to Georgia Kupets has added a toe-on Hindorff on uneven bars and a double layout dismount on that event, as well as a new mount combination of roundoff, layout stepout, back handspring, layout stepout on balance beam.

Few gymnasts seem to focus on learning new, more difficult skills in the NCAA — for many, college seems more about maintaining what you’ve got and watering down to make your routines cleaner.

Courtney Kupets, 2007 NCAA Championships Prelims, Uneven Bars:

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