Aaron Vexler

International Gymnast Magazine just released a mini-profile on gymnast-turned-movie stuntman Aaron Vexler, who will be featured in its Feb. 2008 issue.

Never heard of him. But if IG writer John Crumlish’s interview is any indication, Vexler, who comes from a family of gymnasts and competed for Temple University, is a truly interesting guy.

And, well, his hair is amazing.

IG: After you finished your gymnastics career, how did you make the transition into acting and stunt work? Were you always interested in stunt work, even when competing?

AV: I always wanted to get into stunt work even when I was competing, but I did not quite know how to go about breaking into the business.

My “transition” into stunt work was basically this: retired from gymnastics; worked on the Celebrity Galaxy Cruise ship as an acrobat/circus performer; finished my degree at Temple University; moved to New York and joined the circus performance troupe, Antigravity; went on tour with a live stunt show called Spider-Man Live! A Family Stunt Spectacular; started my own circus company with (former Temple gymnast) Mike Moran, called Axiom Entertainment Inc.; performed in Batman Vs. Catwoman at Six Flags Great Adventure in New Jersey; and finally on to television and film as a stuntman.

Vexler’s most recent role was as Russell Crowe’s stunt double in the film “American Gangster” starring Denzel Washington. He’ll also be appearing in “Enchanted,” this winter’s Disney-animation-come-to-real-life comedy (his wife stunt-doubled for lead actress Amy Adams in that film) and the new Indiana Jones movie that comes out next year.

Very, very cool.


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