Trudy McIntosh goes Cirque

Former Australian standout Trudy McIntosh has discontinued her Beijing comeback in favor of a job with Cirque du Soleil, Australia’s Geelong Advertiser reported today.

McIntosh was the first to compete a handspring front layout full on vault, which she did at the 1999 Worlds. She also had a killer full twisting double layout on floor and a gorgeous double layout second pass in Sydney.

Brooke Walker, Allana Slater and Trudy McIntosh, 2000 Olympics Team Preliminaries, Floor Exercise (bonus commentary by two humorous Australian men who do not know what they’re talking about):

McIntosh began training again in 2006 after a hiatus of several years. In the interim, she had taken up aerial skiing and was so good she made Australia’s 2006 Winter Olympic team. A knee injury kept her from becoming the first Aussie to participate in both a Summer and Winter Olympic Games.

Afterward, she returned to gymnastics.

“She had a really good crack at (coming back) and she was doing very, very well, but her body just didn’t handle banging around in the gym,” [former coach Mark Calton] said. “She was getting shin splints so we decided it just wasn’t meant to happen and it was pretty hard for her to take.”

McIntosh will be performing in Cirque’s La Nouba production in Orlando, Fla. Three-time Australian Olympian Lisa Skinner also performs with Cirque.

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2 Responses to “Trudy McIntosh goes Cirque”

  1. rickmccharles Says:

    Blythe, I swear I posted this story at just the same time you did:

    It caught my eye on the RSS feed because I know Mark Calton. In fact, my own consulting role with Cirque was somewhat based on what Mark was doing Down Under.

    : )

  2. Allana Slater: Shooting for gold (literally) « The Gymblog Says:

    […] Alex Croak has switched to synchronized diving, and other 2000 Olympic teammate Trudy McIntosh nearly made the 2006 Australian Winter Olympic team as an […]

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