Bianca Flohr’s elite status in question

Bianca Flohr

The U.S.’s Bianca Flohr is no longer listed as one of the elites on the Cincinnati Gymnastics Academy’s website, leading some to speculate that the 2008 Olympic hopeful has walked away from elite competition.

There’s been no official statement on Flohr’s official website, which hasn’t been updated since July, but the speculation is that the 16-year-old who represented Ohio’s Flytz Gymnastics Center before going to CGA to train under Mary Lee Tracy has dropped back to level 10.

Flohr was fourth in the qualifying round of the 2007 American Cup, but didn’t advance to finals because of the two-per-country rule. She and CGA teammate Ashley Priess sat out of the U.S. Championships in San Jose in August nursing injuries.

No word whether Priess, who placed 10th in the all-around at the 2006 World Championships, is still gunning for Beijing. At any rate, she’s still listed as an elite on the CGA website.

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9 Responses to “Bianca Flohr’s elite status in question”

  1. Christine Says:

    I don’t think Ashley is going for Beijing. On CGA’s website it says that she has committed to the University of Alabama for 2008.

  2. Kelli Says:

    olympic gymnasts have committed to college the fall after the olympics (like terin humphrey) b/c there’s no guarantee, plus the olympics are in the summer. so she may still be training for beijing.

  3. rondeen Says:

    Yes, its true she is no longer an elite, she’s back to level ten.

  4. NCAA Gymnastics: 2009 letters of intent « The Gymblog Says:

    […] a site focusing on college gymnastics) are 2007 U.S. Championships runner-up Shayla Worley, recently retired elite Bianca Flohr, WOGA’s Christa Tanella, tumbling ace Randy Stageberg and Olympic sleeper Darlene […]

  5. Rondeen Says:

    Bonx didnt retire, she’s level 10 now!!!

  6. Kelli Says:

    But she was so good! Do you know why she dropped back to level 10?

  7. Flytz Mom Says:

    Bonx was home-schooled and has sketchy academic crecentials. I hope she has a 1500 on the SAT so that any question about her academic qualifications is moot. It will be interesting to see if an academically strong school (like Michigan, Yale, Florida, or Stanford) considers Bonx, whose mother destroyed the chances of anyone else from Flytz, which had girls who were academically qualified, but Terry and Bob who did not graduate from college, considered academic credentials as meaningless to receive gymnastics scholarships.

  8. Flytz is fine Says:

    Flytz is fine. Give me a break, Bonx mom did’t ruin any gymnast chances from Flytz getting scholarships. If a gymnast is good enough and has the academic credentials, a college will come calling. The thing that hurt Flytz the most is Terry and Bob leaving, that’s what might stop a kid from getting a scholarship at Flytz. By the way Bonx was at her best when she was coached by two college drop outs. It’s also up to the student to do well in school.

  9. Judy Peverall Says:

    In response to the Jan 13 letter from a flytz mom…. My we sound bitter! Just how could Bonx MOM destroy anyones chance at FLYTZ getting a scholarship ? As far as Terry and Bob go….. My daughter continued gymnastics in college (recreational). Her scolarship was achedemic . She has coached through college. At every meet her girls go to, the judges comment on her style of coaching and notice the little things that she demands of her girls. They talk about the caliber of gymnastics and the coaching(in the past) by Bob and Terry. My daughter has alot of respect for Bob and Terry, and is proud to have been coached by them. She misses them for not only the gymnastics but also the little things…. the lectures on good nutrition, the help with homewoork before and after practice, all the fun times and yes, even the discipline it tought her. She has carried these things with her while she grew up and it has helped make her the person she is. I can say too, that I miss the years we spent at FLYTZ. As for the scholarships, there’s quite a lengthy list of girls that got college scholarships while Bob and Terry were there. If “FLYTZ MOM”s daughter was good enough academically, then she should have gotten a scholarship anyway. Nobody should ever count on a sports scholarship.

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