The Andrade, a 1.5 twisting Kovacs

If you liked the Crockett (that’s University of Washington gymnast Jeff Crockett’s double twisting Jaeger on high bar) it’s hard not to be impressed by what could be called the Andrade, a one-and-a-half twisting Kovacs.

This training video, from former Stanford standout Rico Andrade, is from 2003. A video of Andrade trying (and unfortunately missing) a double twisting Kovacs is also available.

Andrade’s double twisting Kovacs attempt:

Wonder when (if ever) we’ll see these skills in competition. Given the code and the fact that 10 years ago a full twisting Kovacs was downright awe-inspiring, I’d say sometime within the next decade, maybe even the next quad.

And now, the man who started it all (Peter Kovacs, High Bar, 1979 European Championships):

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One Response to “The Andrade, a 1.5 twisting Kovacs”

  1. TCO Says:

    how about a full twisting Gaylord1?

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