Gymnast or journalist?

The latest trend in collegiate women’s gymnastics: Having athletes write columns detailing the happenings of their teams.

Cases in point: Georgia freshman Hilary Mauro, who is peening Hilary’s Highlights, a week-by-week rundown of Gymdog preparation (and little nuggets about what they’re up to when not at practice), and Oklahoma sophomore Hollie Vise, whose Tumble Talk column will record her thoughts on the Sooners’ season.

It’s good to see Vise is still on Oklahoma’s team, given how uninspired she looked during much of her freshman season. Admittedly burned out mentally after not making the 2004 U.S. Olympic team and not in great physical shape when she arrived at OU last fall, she’s writing like she’s regrouped nicely over the summer.

We are through about a month of official practices and are well on our way to being ready for season! Preseason has been a lot of fun so far. We have been working hard and everyone is looking great. The progressions we have made in the past month are amazing.

Stanford is already way ahead of the game. Cardinal gymnasts have taken turns writing weekly updates its Inside the Locker Room feature for years. Other schools doing something similar include the University of Washington and the University of Arizona.

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