Shawn Johnson, with the balance beam, in a cornfield

“Iowa is the best state ever, even if people just think corn is here.”

So says Shawn Johnson, the pride of a state more noted for crops than world champion gymnasts.

2007 World champ Shawn Johnson

It’s the 15-year-old’s best quote by far. As Northern River has pointed out more than once in Difficulty Plus Execution, Johnson says “It’s an honor” more than just about anything else.

In the same article as the corn quote, Johnson noted that Iowa’s Shawn Johnson Day Oct. 17 “the biggest honor ever.”

Well, she’s learning. Next thing we know, she’ll be Carly Patterson.

Johnson also recently honored her home state — and its corn — by posing on a balance beam in a cornfield.

“It was stacked on a bunch of crates until it was 11 feet high,” she told The Des Moines Register.

Up went Johnson, balancing high above the stalks.

“My dad had to stand underneath,” she said, “in case I fell.”


9 Responses to “Shawn Johnson, with the balance beam, in a cornfield”

  1. northernriver Says:

    “the biggest honor ever”

    well…she tried her best not to say “it”. haha

  2. Gym Kibbles & Bits « difficulty plus execution Says:

    […] Kibbles & Bits Blythe at the Gymblog recently reported on Shawn Johnson’s latest goings-on. She has a day named after her, among other things, and there will be a Sports Illustrated […]

  3. My names Román Antonio Perera Aguirre Says:

    Love recently honored her home state — and its corn — by posing on a balance beam in a cornfield.

  4. caitlin Says:

    Hey shawn johnson i am the biggest fan in my life. I love you. Keep it up and you will do good. I do gymnastics to. It is fun. Do you love to do gymnastics??

  5. andre Says:

    hello shawn, my name is andrei nice to meet you too champion number one 1 i am from the mexico agregame sing me

  6. Heidi Says:

    hey, its Heidi Shawn, whenever your on tv on the olymics i watch you i love you so much and im a Huge fan! you are great and i hope you keep up the great work! Your awesome and i wish you the best of luck!
    Im cheering for you!!

    Lets go SHAWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. gym-my-life Says:

    i love shawn !!!!!
    je t’adore trop ma puce

  8. Strahinja Says:

    I love Shawn! I Strahinja 15 year I from Serbia.I treing kayak on wild water.I’m veri fany I love you. bayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

    love youuuuuuuuuuu!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Devin Says:

    I love you soo much… it’s not even funny and I wanna be just like you I’m amzazing at gymnastics to.. I can do a lay out and it’s pretty intense. Like you I’m really good at beam well… i can’t flip or anything but i can do other stuff anyway…. Like you i started traning when i was 6 but… yeah so i just obsesseed with you. I’ve gotta be like your #1 fan I’ve got posters of you all over my room and of Nastia plus Carly. I’ve bought leotards that are like the same as yours just a different brand (GK.) I thought you were increible in the oylimpics. Soo, yaeh I think your so cool and i hope I’ll be able to meet you someday!!!!! Your amazing
    LUV YA!!!

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