The montagemaker explains what happened

Today I received a wonderful note from Aleksas Trotter, who was kind enough to explain the confusion surrounding his Youtube channels, Islandboyrabian and Lexness27, as well as his website, which had been housing an exceptional collection of downloadable gymnastics videos.

“The billing for my website expired, and I chose not to renew it,” the mysterious Mr. Trotter wrote. “It’s all saved, and if I decide to put it back up again (I think I’m going to in the next week), it’ll all be back up again.”

As for the Youtube pages, Islandboyrabian is now off the web because of a potential copyright infringement issue.

“One tiny clip from the TV show “Simple Life” got my account suspended, and now all the videos are gone,” he added. He had begun work on a new channel, Lexness27, but it was hacked earlier today. Aleksas subsequently deleted the account and isn’t sure if he’ll be creating another. His website, however, will hopefully be back soon.

In the meantime, Aleksas’ montages have been preserved by Youtube user WWGym.

Aleksas’ tribute to Canadian Yvonne Tousek:


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