The montagemaker disappears again

Last week I wrote about Aleksas Trotter, whose talent in making gymnastics montages was — and I think to some extent still is — unparalleled. His talent lay in capturing the good and bad of gymnastics.

This can be seen in Aleksas’s excellent Cemetary Drive Montage:

After an almost two-year hiatus, Aleksas put up a new website,, on August 20. He had also created a Youtube channel under the name Islandboyrabian. Unfortunately, both are now unaccessible. Perhaps Aleksas will make another return, but whatever his plans, I hope he keeps making montages.

As Rick, editor of Gymnastics Coaching noted, all of Aleksas’ monatges can be found on Youtube’s WWGym channel.

3 Responses to “The montagemaker disappears again”

  1. Andrea Says:

    I think I found him again. Someone has popped up with a couple of his montages, and him doing skills. I think it’s lexness27. I wonder why he keeps changing his name around???

  2. Aleksas Says:

    Hey, this is Aleksas. My old islandboyrabian Youtube account was suspended because I put a stupid small Simple Life clip up which was copyrighted. So, I am beginning anew on lexness27. Sorry for the confusion!

  3. Blythe Says:

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