Jeff Crockett’s double twisting Jaeger

Behold the Jaeger, a beautiful skill that can be performed on uneven bars or high bar, in it’s original form.

East German Bernd Jaeger, 1976 Olympics, High Bar:

Now behold the full-twisting Jaeger, a more difficult incarnation of the original, shown here by Damian Istria of Australia.

And now have a look at the double twisting Jaeger, performed by Jeff Crockett, a member of the University of Washington’s men’s team in 2006.

Awesome, no?

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3 Responses to “Jeff Crockett’s double twisting Jaeger”

  1. Gymnastics Coaching » Blog Archive » Jeff Crockett - double twisting Jaeger! Says:

    […] Jeff Crockett’s double twisting Jaeger « WordPress Gymblog […]

  2. ali Says:


  3. ali Says:

    k i reeeeeeealy wish he competed internationally!!! OMG at the Beijing olympics in the high bar final it would be hambuchen first and then crockett second!!!! he even has good form throughout. WOW

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