Alexis Brion’s double in back out pike

Just came across this clip of a 12-year-old Alexis Brion, who threw a double in back out more or less in the pike position back in 1995. At the time, Brion was about 4’1″.

Despite her obvious promise, Brion was never a top competitior as a senior. She did, however, have a very productive gymnastics career at the University of Alabama.

The only other person I know to have competed a double full in back out is the uncomparable Tatiana Groshkova, who won a silver on floor at the 1990 European Championships with this magnificent tumbling pass and routine.

Groshkova left the sport in 1991 when her Soviet coach Elvira Saadi moved to Canada. She came out of retirement briefly during the mid-90s, hoping to compete for the Netherlands, but it never happened. Saadi went on to coach some pretty impressive Canadians, among them Yvonne Tousek.

7 Responses to “Alexis Brion’s double in back out pike”

  1. blogomment Says:

    I don’t think Brion was an alternate for the world team in 2001. I thought Natalie Foley was an alternate and I’ve read that Dana Filetti was another one.

  2. blythel Says:

    Ah, you’re right! Alternates in 2001 were Foley and Brittney Koncak, according to USA Gymnastics’ press release. I apologize for the error.

  3. Dela Says:

    Tatiana Groshkova was simply endearing.
    Her videos in youtube are and absolute pleasure to watch, too bad she never made it to the olympics, she was a true gem!

  4. A Says:

    Groshkova was just wonderful. I wish she’d continued after ’92 so it wouldn’t have been so hard to get on a world team.

  5. tumbling double full-in « Gymnastics Coaching Says:

    […] may have seen this clip before on GymBlog – Alexis Brion’s double in back out pike. It shows the same skill by Tatiana […]

  6. BamaFan Says:

    Dana Filetti was the other alternate for the 2001 World Championship team. Filetti replaced Konkak!

  7. My favorite floors — Tatiana Groshkova « The Gymblog Says:

    […] back out — as far as I know, only Groshkova and 90s U.S. junior sensation Alexis Brion are the only ones to attempt it in competition — commands the attention as much as Saadi’s choreography, and much of the rest of this […]

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